Monday, February 28, 2011

My Rockstar Weekend and Cheerleading Dolls

I can't believe the AMAZING weekend that the girls and I had!!! As most of you know, my 2 girls are in an all star cheerleading team.  This past weekend was the St. Petersburgh World Spirit Federation Championship.  Rockstar took all 5 teams for this competition.  Four out of our five teams got first place!!! The fifth team was a little tinis and they got 3rd, but my gosh!!! What a perfomance they put on!!! I love to watch them dance to their disney songs and just looking at each other to make sure they are all doing the right thing, and they love to shake their butts!!!!  Our Minis won the grand champion (which is the highest score within all divisions in their level) and the Juniors won the Viewer's Choice Award, which was the award for the most memorable and exciting routine.  Not only did these two teams win the additional prizes (not to mention braggin' rights!), but they were given a paid bid to go to a world's competition, which consists of other countries competing along with or national teams.  This is such a great opportunity for them and I am so proud of their hard work and dedication!  I have never seen a group of kids stick together and support each other in the manner that they did during this competition.  To top it off, the parents were incredible! The energy that they had cheering all the kids on was incredible we were the loudest ones in that place.  We were constantly getting comments for our program and for our parents.  My daughter actually heard someone in the bathroom saying "that Rockstar team has to be on steroids or something, did you see how they hit every stunt!?" and then my daughter walks out of the stall with her uniform and they didn't know what to say!  This is not just a team of competitors but they are truly amazing.  And the coaches... my gosh!!! I have never seen coaches that are dedicated, caring, loving, understanding, supporting but at the same time tough, than the three that are at Rockstar.  I am so proud to be a part of the Rockstar family and I will forever be grateful for them opening up their door to me and making me part of their family.  I love each and everyone of them kids, parents and coaches alike.

Well, I've also been talking about some cheerleading dolls that I had been working on for a while.  For these away competitions, the team usually give the kids something memorable to place on their bedroom door.  I offered to make the dolls as something to use for one of these competitions.  Little did I know the amount of time that it would take to do 82 dolls.  But I can also tell you that the look on their faces were absolutely priceless and they were so happy to receive them.  Here's what they looked like:

We have lots of bling and glitter on our uniform so I wanted to make sure that it was included.  I love the Peacky Keen faces too.  They were really awesome for this project.  Hope you enjoy! We have 2 more competitions in the next 3 weeks and a performance at the Marlins game 2 weeks later along with another competition the day after.  So I will be pretty busy, but hopefully I will be able to give you updates on their status during their competitions.  I love my Rockstar Family!!!! God bless everyone!


Lovebug Creations said...

I love the dolls! Great job! But even more then that I loved this whole post. How sweet for you and the girls to have such an awesome team! I'm a sap and this just brought tears to my eyes. I wish you all nothing but the best of luck in your next competitions as well as at the game!!! :)


Tanya said...

The dolls are soo stinkin CUTE!!! CONGRATS to all the girls!!(and boys).. It is definitely a morale booster!! YAY!!!


WhichCraft-Liz said...

so awesome!! Congrats to your girls!!


Staying Crafty said...

I'm so glad for your great experience, and your project is ADORABLE! I know you worked extra hard to make that many - but they must mean so much to the lucky kiddos that got them :)

Pammejo said...

Very cute cheerleaders. TFS Just became a follower.

*~*Laura*~* said...

Love the cheerleaders :) I have an award for you over at my blog.