Friday, September 30, 2011

Faith Blog Hop - Be-Attitudes

Welcome to the Be-Attitudes Faith Blog Hop! Every month we choose a theme with which to honor Christ and become closer to Him. We then create a project to reflect that theme and boldly post it on our blogs so that the whole world sees that even our talents belong to Him! This month we have chosen the Beatitudes found on Mathew 5:3:12 and we invite you to hop through our blogs to see the Lord’s Glory manifested through the work of our hands and the stories He has written in our lives. If you arrived from Christel's blog, you are in the right place. If you just happened to land here, make sure that you hop on over to My Paper Tree House to begin the journey. Know that we have been praying for you and hope that the Lord would bring you just a bit closer to Himself…
In Matthew 5:3-12 we find the well known Beatitudes. This portion of Scripture is very peculiar because every statement begins with “Blessed are those…” and yet the attribute that is mentioned right after is NOT something desirable before the eyes of the world.
Look at the list of attributes along with the blessed reward:
Poor in spirit: Kingdom of Heaven
Mourn: comfort
Meek: inherit the earth
Hunger and thirst for righteousness: will be filled
Merciful: will be shown mercy to
Pure in heart: will see God
Peacemakers: called children of God
Persecuted because of righteousness: kingdom of heaven
“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you
If we were to be honest, we would all say that none of us would like to be considered poor in spirit, or be caught in the midst of mourning. Meekness is considered a sign of weakness and in America Hunger and Thirst for righteousness is replaced by hunger and thirst for worldly acceptance. It is very difficult to be merciful and pure in heart for our hearts are always seeking to satisfy our own needs; and we are not willing to make peace if that peace requires that we would submit to someone else’s authority. We do not want to be made fun of, or persecuted, or bad mouthed… Yet all of these things the LORD calls blessed!
The reason why they are Blessed is because only when we have these attitudes can we truly see ourselves for who we are and God for who He is. Only when we see the depravity of our being and the sin that enslaves us, can we be set free by the only ONE that is Pure and Holy! May He grant us the privilege of being called BLESSED by Him because in us are found the Be-Attitudes.
With this in mind I can say that my hope in him is what keeps me going everyday. Regardless of my pain or my sorrow, the struggles that I go through, I know that he will help me get through it all. But I must remain faithful and my attitude must be Christ like. I can only hope and pray that others see this in me and that they feel that they can depend on God as well, regardless of what they are going through. Let's always remember how blessed we are regardless of our struggles.

For my project I decided to do a shadowbox with the be-attitudes. I used Cindy Loo Cartridge for the background frame and used American Crafts embossed paper, the smaller frames are from My Creative Time's X-Large Label die and stitch oval die. I printed all the be-attitudes and inked all cuts involved. I embossed all the label dies with either swiss dots or d'vine swirls folders. I inked all the edges with Tim Holtz' vintage photo distress ink. The flower in the middle was a gift from my dear friend Tanya and it sure came in handy. The butterflies are from K&Company.
There is no greater gift than that of finding Christ, but we would like to bless a group of you with some Grand Prizes from the following sponsor. One lucky winner will receive a banner for their blog and a matching button ($40 value) sponsored by The Shabby Vanity.
To qualify, like Paper Tree House Studio in Facebook, become a follower of their blog, and leave a comment. Those that choose to participate by creating a project that follows the theme will have a greater chance of winning, so make sure that you create something or share your own story in your blog to then come back and share with us your creation and thoughts.
May you be filled with the “Be-Attitudes” this week.


Carolyn Phillips said...

A lovely way of displaying the beatitudes.

Tanya said...

LOVE it Zeni!! The textures make everything POP!! I'm glad to see you found a use for my flower ;)


Erika Valdez said...

That is beautiful Zeni!! The colors are awesome too!

bartlettpair said...

Very lovely and such a confirmation from the Lord!! Ive been asking Him for direction on a an anniversary gift for my husband----and here you are!! be so blessed!!! bartlettpair4atmsndotcom

Jana said...

Beautiful project and what a great thing to do on your blog. I would like to participate in this on a regular basis if possible. I have decided to follow you by email so that I can keep up to date. Love what you are doing!

SueNJ said...

This project is so elegant and a wonderful reminder. You never cease to amaze me :) So happy to be in this hop with you.

Be blessed,

Sue B

Scrappin' Sista said...

I LOVE your wall art. In fact, I'm going to have to make one. Sorry. I'm scraplifting. Great job as usual! TFS!!! Be blessed my sister!

askscrappinsista (at) hotmail (dot) com

Vicki said...

What a great shadow box! You are so talented!

Marjolaine said...

What a great way to have God's word up on a wall, it's beautiful!

Nitasha said...

Love your project! What an excellent way to have a daily visual reminder!

Jana said...

I am back and I must say I have been truly blessed by this blog hop. I was able to participate thanks to being subscribed to you by email. As a reminder of how much I love your blog and to spread the word to my friends, I am adding your blinkie button to my blog!
Thanks for your inspiration, witness and sharing your talents. I'll be checking back often.