Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Is 2011 really here?  I can't believe how fast another year has passed by!  2010 was the year that I truly involved myself more with crafts and blogs.  I've met a good group of friends that not only have inspired me, but also have encouraged me to move forward.  2011 is the year that I will work on my crafting and blogging skills.  My new years resolution was in fact to craft and blog more this year.  I  have quickly come to learn that this is my way of learning and having fun.  My future goal is to join a design team some where using stamps that I truly love and believe in.

I decided to personalize a journal so that I can jot down my crafty ideas and things to do.  I need to also get myself organize with many other aspects in my life, so I hope it works and if not, then I have a pretty journal!  I used the Hello Kitty Greetings, Don Juan for the fonts and Peachy Keen's Super Simple Eyes and Noses.  The white part was a little challenging because of the whiskers.  I had to manually cute it in order to show the black whiskers coming from the face.

So along with my hopes and dreams, I want to wish everyone a very happy 2011, one filled with much love, happiness, health and success.  Remember that with God all things are possible.
God bless you all!


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ScrappingStephanie said...

So super cute and such a good idea. You totally inspired me to make one for myself:) Have a wonderful week. May all good things come to you in the new year.


Lovebug Creations said...

Very cute! I love Hello Kitty!! :) Good luck on reaching your first 100!! I'm sure it won't take long at all!!! :)


Karle said...

that is soooo cute. xoxo

WhichCraft said...

how adorable! I love Hello Kitty!!! I'm sure you will reach 100 followers in no time.

YAY ZENI!!! You're doing awesome!