Monday, January 10, 2011

Winner of Celebration Time

I haven't forgotten about this, but it's definitely been a very crazy weekend!!!  My girls' cheerleading team's Parent team started practice Friday night, and I'm in it (no laughing please!).  Needless to say that I could barely walk on Saturday!  I have to say that I have a whole new level of respect for my what my daughters' do in cheerleading.  Of course they are a lot younger and can handle it much better!  It is very nice to get together with other parents in the team and work as a group in putting a routine together (well, the coaches put it together, but we work very hard and making it look good!).  We will be competing in one or two competitions with other parent teams, so I will definitely keep you posted on the fun!

So with no further ado, the winner of the Creative Memories tape runner is:

Irene Aiello

bigmama said... Congrats....Way To Go....You will hit 1000 in know time....Hugs... Happy Crafting

Congrats Irene!!! I will be contacting you for your shipping information.  Thanks to everyone who commented and I hope to have some new things this week.  God bless you all!


Michelle said...

lol - I definetly could not cheerlead...never! good for you if you could keep up!
congrats to the winner as well

WAM Family said...

Congrats to the winner!!!

I give you credit, there is no way at my age I would be even trying to attempt to do what these Cheerleaders do. I would be dead of a stroke in less than 30 minutes. LOL Kudos to you.

TuttleTimes said...

Cool...Irene is one my new FB friends!!! Nice!!!! :)

Cheerleading is very hard work...You go, girl! :)

Karen Bahit said...

I was a cheerleader in HS but don't even ask me to walk to the corner now...I am so out of shape... lol

ScrapYourWorld said...

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