Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maddie's Explosion Box

Happy Monday everybody! A couple of weekends ago I was super into making explosion boxes.  That explosion box blog hop really got me going!!! My sister came over one day and saw the explosion box that I made for the hop and wanted me to make her one specifically for Little Madison and her family. 

I have to tell you Maddie's story.  She is a sweet little 2 year old girl fighting the big battle of cancer.  She was diagnosed at 20 months old with a rare form of brain cancer.  Her family is constantly trying to fundraise for a cure for childhood cancer.  We need this so bad and I hope that people realize the importance of how just a small donation can make a different.  Her father is currently seeking sponsors for The Ultimate Hike in Atlanta, Georgia.  Him and his brother will be hiking 28.3 miles of Appalachian Foothills Trail in ONE day, in efforts to raise money towards finding the cure for children's cancer, the #1 cause of death by disease in children.  This is taking place on October 1st, 2011 and they are trying to reach the goal of $5,000.  Up to date, they have raised $780.  You can see their team site by clicking here.  Again every little bit helps.  Just this week I heard from my good friend Kimi of a sad story, a 14 year old girl lost her battle to cancer.  She was in her nieces' class.  I can only imagine what that family is going through and this is one of the many stories that should prompt us to help in any way we can.  I hope that you will consider making a small donation to Team Maddie Star in an effort to find a cure for this horrible disease. I gave up my crafting money for a month to donate to their cause.  Won't you consider doing something similar?

Now let's move on to things that make us a little happier.  Here are the pictures of the explosion box for Maddie:

I used My Creative Time's Inspiring Words Stamp set for the outside of the box, but made it very much family oriented (Live, Laugh, Love, Dream).  I really hope they like it!! I'm only able to blog about it because they don't follow my blog (hehehe... sneaky ah?).  Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful day! God bless!


Tanya said...

LOVE your explosion box!! The colors are awesome!! I know Maddie's family will totally LOVE it too!!


Erika Valdez said...

Beautiful Explosion box Zeni! I know Maddie and her family will love it! It breaks my heart to hear that a baby is fighting such a horrible disease and its great to raise awareness and get people to give so that a cure can be found for all those babies that are fighting this deadly disease!TFS

Lots of Love,

Lovebug Creations said...

What a beautiful box Zeni! I'm sure her family will love it! My heart goes out to them. I can not imagine what they are all going through. I think what her father is doing is truely awesome and I wish them all the luck in the world. Such a terrible disease that affects so many children. May God watch over lil Madison, her family, and the dr.s caring for her. Big hugs hon!


WAM Family said...

Really a very beautiful Box!!! I am sorry to hear about Cancer hitting another. I have had to deal with 3 family members who have had different types of Cancer. It is a very hard disease to live with. My prayers are with the family for a recovery even better a cure. TFS


Krista's Paper Cafe said...

A beautiful box--love explosion boxes. Maddie will like the cheery colors.

WhichCraft-Liz said...

i love the colors on this box and all the layers . Super cute! I'm sure Maddie will love this. I'll be making her card soon. Lots of prayers going to her and her family.